Mother Mary

Mary Holy Card Mother, my hands are Your hands, so I give thanks for them and ask for Your guidance in using them to bless others.

Fill my hands with Your love, and use them to bring comfort where there is despair. Guide my hands and fill them with Your strengh so that I might help the ones who need to be uplifted.

Empower my hands with the skill they need to accomplish Your mighty works.

Your work in my hands is a true labor of love, and I am grateful for every opportunity to work for You to bring peace and joy to others. Bless my hands and extend Your love through them, making them an instrument of Your peace.

As Your love flows through me and reaches out to others,I am blessed and filled with joy.

Peace and love, Your servant Carol
A Rose

The picture above was in my bible when I was a little girl.
I had to do some cleaning up on it, because it was scratched and in black and white.

Mary's Garden

This is a part of my garden.

Image of Mary

This beautiful picture on the right of our Mother was found on the internet! I couldn't resist putting Her here.

I found the picture on the left stashed in a drawer from long ago. It was given to my mother by one of us girls on Mother's Day. I thought you might injoy it.

Some might say, why put a page up just for Mother Mary. I am devoted to Her, and I owe her for favors done.

You may click on the image for a larger picture.

Image of Mary

holy card

This was printed in Italy in 1935.

holy card

A prayer for Catholic missions on the back.

holy card

No information on the back, but a nice prayer and made in Italy also.

holy card

Can't read this one, it's in Polish, but was given to my mother by her mother.

There are many more holy pictures of Mother Mary, and I will be putting them up as I scan them. If you like, email me and I can send them to you in .jpg format. I love sharing them.