Art Studio Web Award"Congratulations! You won the Jeff Hobrath Art Studio Web Award! Great Job!"

OnArt Award"After reviewing your site we have decided that your webpage currently has won the Artward for artsites We withstand from a swollen speech of praise which you probably have received from any other award site already, for our award, if given, speaks for it self :-)"

Outstanding Creations Award "....... just surfed in from Top 100 Sites and love your great paintings and art site. Especially "Shore Sentinel", it reminds me of my home town at W. Palm Beach Fl. I think your work is more than deserving of our "Outstanding Creations Award". Thanks for brightening up the WWW with your colorful art."

The Alchemix Golden Site Award " have a neat little personal site there."

The Starfire Award and UFO's-The Beginning of a New World...... "From time to time we, find, often by accident, Websites that have that "something special" - that mysterious element that sets them apart from all others...........they have that indefinable something that "tugs at your heartstrings", "sends you on an emotional trip" or lets you know that "you have feelings that are not as yet fully explored". Websites such as we describe remain quite often unrecognised, and we, the two website owners involved with this Award, wish to reward in some small way, the immense pleasure we have received from their efforts."

Pegasus Gold Art Award...... "We have recognised your artwork as remarkable and a proof of beauty, a wonderful addition to the web. I would like to offer my Pegasus Gold Art Award, especially for the Monarch of the Forest, displayed at your Fine Art Gallery. Gold award is given to those that literally go beyond art."

Art Pro Award...... "Your site is excellent! Keep up the good work."

Artists Ezine Gold Award...... "It was a pleasure to view your site and your original works. Both your oil paintings, as well as your digital creations embody an emotion. We have found this to be rare amongst landscape artists and feel your artwork and your site definitely deserve the Artists Ezine GOLD Design Award."

Web Author's Choice Award....... "We took a tour of your web site and feel that your site meets the criteria of our Web Author's Choice Award...Congratulations! In addition to content, design, ease of navigation, your site was viewed with several different browsers as well as 2 different sized monitors. Often, web sites look very different depending on which browser and/or monitor you are utilizing. Your site in is very well thought out, informative and very navigable. A definite "Bookmark" on our system!"

Spirit of the Tiger Award...... "Greetings Carol, It is my pleasure to award you the Spirit of the Tiger Award of Excellence for web page design. You have a truly artistic talent and I would love to see some of your work in person....the internet just doesn't show the details a first-hand viewing does. Keep up the great work."

Tom's Realm Award...... "Carol, Congratulations, you did a great job on your site and I am very impressed with your work. That certainly is a very special talent you have there. I am happy to select your page as a goldsite award winner"

Home and Hearth Award..... "I would like to extend my congratulations on producing a very very well designed site. I really enjoyed looking at all your wonderful artwork and how well presented you have the pages. Really a wonderful addition to the web. I hope that the site fulfills all that you set out to achieve."

Country Mall Award...... "We visited your site and discovered "what a fantastic place to visit". There should be more FAMILY SITES like Yours!!! You as a Webmaster should receive praise for your hard work. We at Country Mall would like to offer you this small award for your Wonderful Site."

Hudson County Sheriff's Award...... "This site is one of the few law enforcement sites on the WWW that truly communicates to the viewer the great deal of time and effort put into its creation. Its clever use of both graphics and content, made it an easy decision to give it the award."

WGB Web Creations Award...... "Congratulations!!!! Your site has won the WGB Excellence site award. You have a very nice site, good design, and presented well, and easy to navigate. I enjoyed my visit to your site and will be back to visit often."


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