About the Artist:

Carol started painting seriously and without a formal art education when she was in her late teens, concentrating on still life and portraits. "I was doing very well, but unhappy with the amount of time involved creating my 'masterpieces'."

Her art career was put on hold to raise 4 sons. With the boys grown and with the encouragement of family and friends, especially her husband, Todd, she found herself longing to put a "real" paint brush back into her hands again.

Medium and Style:

She knew she didn't want to go back to the still life and portraits again, so she began studying other artists and what they had to offer. "I wanted to paint something that most people could relate to, and chose landscapes. It's wonderful to dream you are there while creating."

Her oil paintings are heavily layered so there is great depth and a true feeling of texture.

Shows and Exhibitions:

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